Friday, January 16, 2015

Random thoughts - Mix

also bore the title of Sethupathi or "protector of the bridge", the bridge here referring to the legendary Rama's Bridge.
The zamindar of Ramnad paid a tribute of Rs. 3.75 lakhs for the year 1903-04 to the British government

"What did the Brahmans do
for our education in the five thousand years before Britain came?
I remind you:
They asserted their right to pour hot lead into the ears of the low-caste man who should dare to study books. All learning belonged to them, they said. When the Muhammadans swarmed in and took us, even that was an improvement on the old Hindu régime. But only in Britain's day did education become the right of all, with state schools, colleges, and universities accessible to  all castes, communities, & people . As seenin the book " Mother India"
Katherine mayo

Delayed gratification:

It goes a little something like this. 

(*Hypothetical situation*)  You are walking through the mall and a billboard with a sexually attractive model promoting whatever product ‘catches’ (*triggers*) your attention, and it’s on ‘sale!’ You instantly feel distracted, compelled to break stride, walk in and consider purchasing this product. That is how that scenario usually goes…

Now insert discernment into that scenario: You are walking through the mall with purpose, you are feeling good, and *oops* that advertisement catches your eye for a second.  The conscious  individual goes through a mind process something like this: “Ok.  Something within me attracted that low vibration manifestation, I understand that my reptilian brain is being targeted, no thank you, cancel that frequency, replace with high vibrational thought or good feeling emotion, done, continue moving forward.” 

It’s a conscious process that will require constant effort at first, but it will become automatic over time once you persistently apply it to the point that you re-program your neuron pathways in a way that utilizes the full potential of your mind. You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.  You must learn to see the world anew.”


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